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Игровые видео

VG vs VG.P, DAC China qual, game 2 [Maelstorm, 4ce]

HellRaisers vs NRG - IEM Shanghai 2018 - map1 - de_mirage [yXo, Enkanis]

Empire vs Fnatic, game 3

Speed Gaming vs New Element, game 1

EHOME vs EHOME.L, game 2

LGD vs New4, game 1

London vs Doverie, game 1

VG.Junior vs Wings.Red, Game 2, SL i-League StarSeries Season 3, China

Midas Club vs compLexity, Game 2 - Part 2, Dota Summit 7, AM Qualifier

Spirit vs Na’Vi, game 2

Snake vs Vici, game 1

Na’Vi vs BU, game 2

Spirit vs HR, game 1

Cloud9 vs Fire, game 4

OG vs Secret, EPICENTER 2017, game 1 [Maelstorm, NS]

IG vs FTD, game 1

LGD.FY vs Young Elite, The Kiev Major CN Main Qualifiers

CDEC.Y vs Wings, game 1

Justsaiyan vs Chakki, game 1

HGT vs CDEC, game 1

Na’Vi vs Fnatic, game 2

North vs Immortals, cobblestone, SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals

Spirit vs VG, game 1

NIP vs Vega, game 1