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Записи игр i-League Season 3 по игре Dota 2 - Воды, Записи матчей | GameStreamTV

i-League Season 3 Воды по игре: Dota 2

Voidboy vs Rift, game 1

Alliance vs, game 2

Alliance vs, game 1 vs ASUS.Polar, game 3 vs ASUS.Polar, game 2 vs ASUS.Polar, game 1

VG.P vs Newbee.M, game 1

Oldboys vs EHOME, game 2

Oldboys vs EHOME, game 1

VG.P vs Oldboys, game 2

VG.P vs Oldboys, game 1

IG vs EP, game 2

IG vs EP, game 1

IG vs Oldboys, game 2

IG vs Oldboys, game 1

IG vs VG.P, game 2