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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Воды, Записи матчей | GameStreamTV

Воды Counter-Strike: Global Offensive vs Nemiga, map 2 mirage, StarSeries & i-League S7 GG.Bet EU Qualifier

Fnatic vs Luminosity ECS Season 4 Finals

fnatic vs NiP - ESL Pro League S7 EU - de_inferno [ceh9, yXo]

Natus Vincere vs Gambit Gaming | ECS Season 5 Europe Challenger Cup

Gambit vs Fragsters, map 2 nuke, Bets.Net Masters

mousesports vs NiP - DreamHack Marceille - map1 - de_ nuke [yXo, SleepSomeWhile]

NRG vs North, map 3 inferno, StarSeries i-League Season 5 Finals

North vs Gambit - ESL One NY EU Quals - Grand final - map4 - de_overpass [ceh9, yXo]

FLG vs Arcade, game 1

NRG vs Gambit - IEM Shanghai 2018 - Semi-final - map2 - de_overpass [Smile, Anishared]

VP vs NiP, game 1

Gambit vs CLG, game 2

Misfits vs Heroic - Dreamhack Tours - map2 - de_nuke [yxo,Enkanis]

Na’Vi vs NiP, game 2

C9 vs G2, game 3

Na’Vi vs SK, game 2

eUnited vs SPLYCE, game 1

LDLC vs QB.Fire, map 2 cobblestone, SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Europe Qualifier

Cloud9 vs. Immortals - ESL Pro League S5 - de_mirage [Anishared]

Team LDLC vs. North - ESL Pro League S5 - de_cobblestone [CrystalMay, ceh9]

mousesports vs Liquid - ESL One NY 2018 Grand final - map3 - de_inferno [Enkanis, ceh9]

NiP vs FaZe - EPICENTER 2018 - map2 - de_mirage [Enkanis, CrystalMay]

FaZe vs Fnatic - ESL Pro League S8 EU - bo1 - de_inferno [CrystalMay, Anishared]

Astralis vs North - IEM Chicago 2018 - map1 - de_inferno [SleepSomeWhile & Anishared]